Tenor Ukulele Configuration


General Options

Series Selection *

To see a complete list of all the series inclusions, go to the "Series & Pricing" under "Ukuleles" in the menu bar above.


No body or headstock binding / No sound hole rosette


Wood body binding / Shell or wood sound hole rosette


Wood & Shell body and headstock binding / Shell or wood sound hole rosette / Ebony fretboard & bridge / Diamond shaped fretboard markers

Body Shape

Headstock Style

Finish *

A subdued finish... yet clear


A mirror like finish... very elegant

Handing *

Are you a righty or a lefty?

Wood Selections

Images shown are typical examples only. Wood grain pattern and colouring may vary.
Actual woods for your ukulele and will be selected and offered as required.
All options are subject to availability. Prices for Premium and Master Grade selections may vary and will be confirmed prior to your acceptance.

Body Wood Options

Select either top, back & sides wood same species OR top wood different to back & sides wood.

Fretboard & Bridge Wood



Indian / African

Bridge Style



Headstock Wood

This is the wood veneer on the headstock.

Other Options

Tuning *

Oasis Fluorocarbon with smooth wound G (4th)

Oasis Fluorocarbon

Strap Buttons *

Pickup System *



No controls / Internal rechargeable battery


Volume control only / Replaceable internal battery


No controls - No battery


Delivery *

I will pick up from Wilkinson Ukuleles

Delivery cost including insurance (Cost to be confirmed)

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