My web site does have a shopping cart although at this stage, payments are not made at the time of order placement. I will contact you via email after your order details are reviewed and confirmed.

Once ordering information or quotations have been confirmed, a Request for Payment advice will be sent to you detailing the amount to be paid and bank transfer details (EFT) for payment.

To ask any questions, please go to the Contact page and send me a message identifying the Series and options you are considering, or any other information you may require. I will then email you confirming your requested information and/or quotation.


Completed Instruments For Sale  :  Full payment, including delivery costs and insurance, is required prior to dispatch of goods.

Instruments Built to Order  :  Initial deposit of 30% of the full quoted cost for ukuleles and guitars is required prior to build commencement. This is non refundable once the build has commenced or if any special or unique materials have been procured for the build. An email confirmation will be sent when the build has commenced. A final payment of the remainder of the full quoted cost, including delivery costs and insurance, is required prior to dispatch of the completed instrument.


The customer is responsible for the cost of all shipping and insurance. Shipping and insurance will be added to the cost of the goods and paid for prior to despatch.

Australia Post is used for all shipping. Shipping is charged at the current Australia Post rate plus insurance. Rates and delivery times will vary depending on the delivery destination.

In stock items will be shipped within 2 working days of order being placed and payment received.

For Built to Order instruments, an estimated time frame for delivery will be advised when the build is commenced. An email will be sent when the instrument build is approaching completion identifying outstanding balance to be paid. The instrument will dispatched within 2 working days after payment has been received.

The customer is responsible for any taxes or duties that may be imposed by statutory authorities.


All instruments are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery to the original purchaser.

This does not include :

  • Normal wear of any parts including, but not limited to, tuners, fingerboard, frets, strings and finish.
  • Damage to the instrument caused by misuse, neglect, accidents or improper handling.
  • Wear and tear that occurs from using the instrument.
  • Damage caused by extremes of temperature or humidity.

Alterations or modifications made to the instrument by the purchaser or others, will void all warranties, unless agreed to by Wilkinson Guitars & Ukuleles.

Instruments must not be returned for warranty claims until approval by Wilkinson Guitars & Ukuleles has been confirmed. Send an email identifying the reason for the warranty claim and I will contact you with details on how to proceed.


New instrument purchase returns can only be made …..

  • within 7 days of the instrument being delivered, and
  • the instrument, its case or accessories have not been damaged, scratched, or modified, and is in their original condition, and
  • it is not a unique, custom built “personalised” instrument, and
  • the return has been approved by Wilkinson Guitars & Ukuleles.

If an instrument needs to be returned, whether due to a Warranty claim or a new purchase return, contact me via email and identify the issue and I will contact with return details, prior to returning the instrument.

Return delivery costs, including insurance to the full value of the instrument and its accessories, is to be met by the customer.

Refunds only will be approved on instruments that are returned and received in original condition.

Refunds for in stock “For Sale” instruments will be for the cost of the instrument, case and accessories only, excluding any shipping costs already incurred.

Refunds for “Made to Order” instruments may incur a return fee equal to the initial deposit cost, and dependent on the demand for that type of instrument, and at the discretion of Wilkinson Guitars & Ukuleles.

“Made to Order” instruments, customised with personalised inlay or other customer requested unique markings or design requirements, are not subject to return or refund, unless otherwise approved by Wilkinson Guitars & Ukuleles. Normal warranty claims still apply.